I grew up in front of the camera, my mom has always been very good behind the camera herself, we would often model for her. I have to say that passion she has for photography is where I also got it and that was from her.
Still today mom is behind the camera capturing some amazing moments. Thank you mom for inspiring me to never stop dreaming that dream.About me- I was born and raised in Nebraska and lived there for almost 30 years, I moved to Wyoming where I really started to practice my hand at photography.
I had several clients that I was there family photographer, which just feed my passion even further. I since moved to Columbus Ohio where I was determined to get a better quality digital camera and just learn as I go. I am still learning and my goal is to upgrade my camera as I continue to build my business. My newest challenge is capturing our mother earth. I also would like to try my hand at sports photography.My thought when I shoot family’s or individual is giving you the greatest gift and something that you will treasure and have forever. I love to get your creative idea’s and make it happen for you. I LOVE to shoot outdoors and if I could get away with it I would do it year around but it’s hard to find anyone who wants to do that winter shoot, but I know there out there.
I love capturing family’s and children in the moment, just when she reaches down to kiss her daughter or hug her husband those are the moments I love to capture. I think you see that in my work. I do love to study other photographers to help me with areas that I need more training on.
Photography is a art and everyone has different and amazing styles that I love to follow and admire.I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for a dentist who was wanting content for his web site. That as opened up lots of ideas of reaching out to business for some new opportunity’s.I recently sold 9 prints to a business for them to post my work in there office.
What a great feeling to have your work displayed for people to enjoy.My dream is coming true and every day I am blessed and so thankful for every opportunity that everyone gives me to capture them or there special event.Drew my husband has helped make this dream happen for me, he has created this web site and has allowed me to show my art off. Thank you Drew for your constant support, he is my #1 fan