Star Wars – The Last of the Jedi story by Drew Norman

Its funny what you will find digging through old photos looking for something else. This poster and other promotional artwork was a art school project that was conceived by in 1991. I was in college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and our assignment was to invent a product so I being a huge star wars fan conceived a idea for a new movie that would continue the saga after Return of the Jedi. Luke has fallen to the darkside after defeating Emperor Palpatine and his Father Darth Vader. He went into hiding and experimented with the gray side of the force training a new age of Jedi that ended badly as many of his pupils turned to the dark side including Luke. So Leia sensing that Luke had fallen away from the Jedi Order has been secretly training to become a Jedi. The idea of Leia and Luke in a epic battle was the center piece and driving force behind this whole idea. Long before the Force Awakens or Phantom Menace.

star wars Last of the Jedi

Star Wars Last of the Jedi.

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