Drupal Module Development

MYSQL Workbench

Install drupal

Drupal Console –

SSH A2 Hosting

ssh -p 7822

drewnorm / 2eE8fim15H

Cheat Sheet / Transcript is Here :

3:55 create table 7:08 primary key 15:24 foreign key 26:07 concat 26:45 where & like 29:05 count 29:45 as, group by & having 30:14 math functions 30:45 built in numeric functions 33:14 alter table 34:46 update 36:00 join

Learn Javascript



Get the Transcription : Wiki Colors : CSS Validator :



Drupal Console

curl -L -o drupal.phar

Executed commands:

curl -L -o drupal.phar

mv drupal.phar /usr/local/bin/drupal

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/drupal

Installing Drush

Install drupal 8

How to add drush to your system path on mac

Composer help

In Terminal type

-h, –help                     Display this help message

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