FellowshipOne API Docs and Code

API Realms 
This key has been created to include the following realm(s): GROUPS 

Your Consumer Key & Secret
To find your Consumer Key and Secret for your application, log in to your Production environment at:

Once logged in, go to Admin > Integration > Application Keys

API Location
The API is available for your programming use at:

This key has been setup as Private. (2nd and 3rd party consumption models are supported)






Has all the code examples and comments


Small Group Finder


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Free Code Camp

1. Learn back-end development with this free Node.js for Beginners course (3 hour watch): https://www.freecodecamp.org/n/9LMjG46Rf

2. The All Powerful Front End Developer – a jam-packed tech talk from CodePen founder Chris Coyer (30 minute watch): https://www.freecodecamp.org/n/i9ZVp2312

3. How to build your own Tetris game using Python and Pygame – a full free video course with example code (2 hour watch): https://www.freecodecamp.org/n/t3tR1spY6

4. Laura helped build a popular mobile app for learning to code called Grasshopper. She talks about how she used data to make tough design decisions – all while pregnant with her first baby. (11 minute read): https://medium.freecodecamp.org/3f8fc96acff7

5. Colin was stuck in a tiny, noisy apartment in Tokyo with an irrelevant college degree. He learned to code, hustled for internships, and now he works as a developer at a top tech company. This is his story. (23 minute read): https://medium.freecodecamp.org/d1fcf52c0650

freeCodeCamp is a tiny nonprofit with a big mission: to provide everyone with a world-class technology education for free. Your tax-deductible donations help us create more learning tools and resources. Become a supporter today at https://donate.freecodecamp.org

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OAuth 2.0 How to build your own server

Understanding OAuth2 and Building a Basic Authorization Server of Your Own: A Beginner’s Guide
This Beginner’s Guide provides a basic overview of OAuth2 and discusses how to build a simple OAuth2 authorization server.

For a step-by-step tutorial on deploying a basic OAuth2 authentication service on Google Cloud Platform, see the Understanding OAuth2 and Deploying a Basic OAuth2 Authorization Service to Cloud Functions tutorial.

View story at Medium.com

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Highlands Small Group Help

Thanks for reaching out to us! Our Digital Team created the Small Groups System several years ago. While some churches have been able to leverage what we have accomplished in a variety of ways, the system was not built originally as a platform. We’ve discovered this has made it challenging for many churches to take advantage of the software. For churches who have web developers on staff – or are in an existing partnership with a software or web development company – there may be a way to implement our Small Groups System. However, it’s important to note that our system has a significant dependency on the FellowshipOne church management system. We synchronize both leader authentication and the data from small groups with F1. So far, it appears that churches who use F1 and have web developers on staff are the most successful in utilizing our system.

We do recommend a few other third-party systems that seem to have a great approach to small groups software. If you are already using a church management system, such as FellowshipOne or Church Community Builder, we recommend using the first-party groups modules that often come bundled with the larger church management system. If you do not leverage this type of software or wish to evaluate other options, check out these prospective partners. As with any software selection, you should perform due diligence to be sure the product and pricing fits your church before signing up.

It is our hope that a future version of our small groups system may be able to help even more churches – especially those with small group ministries that have a similar approach to Highlands. You can followHighlands Digital on Instagramto follow updates from our team.

Some great resources that give insight into our directory areSmall Groups – Directory andSmall Groups Directory – FAQs

A few of our promo videos that demonstrate our system’s functionality:

“Community” Small Groups – Animated “U and I” Promo Video

“Find Your Herd” Small Group Promo

If I can provide any additional assistance, let me know.

Michael Byars

Grow Resource Coordinator

Church of the Highlands

205.731.7325 – Office



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Deco-Crete Logo Design

Deco-Crete Logo Design
In 2006 a personal client of mine Jason Geiser who I had built his first logo for Cornerstone Concrete gave me a new project to come up with a whole new logo and brand identity for his new company called Deco-crete. I love being part of start-up companies and watching them grow. Today his company has grown and distributes his supplies to hundreds of concrete contractors all over North America.

Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products

Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products
Back in 2004 while I worked for Orrville Pet Products and I was tasked by the company’s CEO Christine Fellows to create new branding for a upscale new line of Pet products for those lap dogs that we as dog lovers love to spoil with nifty collars, leashes and treats. The art was inspired by Dr. Suess children books.

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In Memory of my Dad James Norman

My dad loved life and he lived it to the fullest. Even when he knew he didnt have long to live he still had a smile on his face and was always joking around — Drew Norman

James “Jim” Norman III, 66, lost a long-fought battle with prostate cancer on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at his home in San Diego, CA.

James is survived by his best friend and partner of eight years, Cheryl Jennie; son, Andrew (Dana) Norman of Columbus, Ohio; three sisters, including Jeanne Norman of Greenwood, Indiana; Christol (Rev. Eric) Brown of Warren, Ohio; Birdina Jones of Girard, Ohio; and five brothers, including Jerome (Janice) Norman, Sr., of Kentucky; and Marvis L. (Marilyn) Norman; Lionel Norman, Glenn (Anita) Norman, and Derwin Norman, all of Warren, Ohio; and two grandsons: Maxwell and Garrett Norman of Wooster, Ohio.

Born in Orrville, Ohio to Elizabeth (Palm) Norman and James Norman Jr., James attended Orrville High School, graduating in 1966. He played semi-pro football, and wore number 84 as a tight end for a team called the Mohican Raiders.

In 1968 James made the decision to serve his country and enlisted in the United States Navy. He enjoyed a full career as a Chief Petty Officer specializing in interior communications and electric systems, retiring in 1999. After retiring from the Navy, James embarked on a second career, in private security. His last position before retiring was as chief of security with the Westin Hotels corporate office in San Diego, California.

Although James was a private person, his friendly personality made him popular with many people. In almost any part of San Diego, he would encounter someone he knew and a lively conversation would ensue.

Despite having moved away from Ohio years earlier, James never lost his passion for the Cleveland Browns and The Ohio State University football (instead of “hello”, he was sometimes known to greet people with “GO BROWNS!”). Weekends and Monday nights were always spent with Cheryl in front of his 70” HD TV, rooting on his favorite teams.

James also loved music—he played bass in a band in the 1970s, and had a particular fondness for Elton John, jazz and Motown. He appreciated nature, and especially enjoyed the hummingbirds that regularly visited his balcony. And he loved to laugh, always amused by classic comedies like The Little Rascals, which he enjoyed watching with his son Drew.

In addition to his parents, James was preceded in death by a brother, Maurice Norman, and three sisters, Arnel Norman, Alberta Norman and Mary Norman.

The memorial service will be held January 5, 2015 at 11am at Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery 10175 Rawiga Road, Rittman, OH 44270, and will be officiated by John Doyel. Please note: the service will be outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather.

As it was James’s request to be cremated, no visitation is planned. He respectfully requested that in lieu of flowers you consider a memorial gift in his name. Please leave your condolences in the comments section of the blog.

God bless you all for attending the celebration of a great father, a great leader, a beloved brother and most thankfully a follower of Jesus Christ. I will always love you daddy. Give all my aunties, uncles and grandparents a kiss for me.

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Marathon Mentality – Believing that nothing is impossible

Drew Norman, a second year Visual Communications major at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a native of Apple Creek Ohio, finished with a time of 3 hours 30 minutes and placed 312th out of 1900 man field at the May 5th City of Pittsburgh marathon.Though most people may consider marathon running a bit demanding, Drew enjoys running because its good for the mind and body, In November 11, 1990 Drew ran the Columbus Marathon where he finished 7th in the 19 year old category with a time of 3:09.57. His time qualified him for the Boston Marathon. Drews philosophy in life is and still is “Believing that nothing is impossible. All things can be accomplished if you set your mind to them.”


May 21, 1991 by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

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May 12 Small Group – Fear

Today we talked about fear. Below is audio recording and scripture for your devotion time. God bless


Isaiah 43:1 “Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.”

1 John 4:18 “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear”

Psalm 18:2 “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer.”

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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AWS Tutorials all DevOps Developers Should know

Free SSL Certificate AWS



Video on how to map domain name to AWS



Changing Home URL in AWS Bitnami



define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/');
define('WP_HOME', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/');


define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://DOMAIN/');                   
define('WP_HOME', 'http://DOMAIN/');

Be sure to change "DOMAIN" with your actual domain.

How to AWS EC2 connect VIA SSH on a Mac

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10 Projects to build your javascript skills

1. Build a JavaScript Clock

In a post-internet world clocks are kind of a given—any device or app you’re using might have a clock function somewhere on the screen. It’s almost an unconscious expectation, but that speaks to the power of JavaScript. If you’re on a website or using web applications with a self-updating time feature (you know, a clock), there’s a very good chance it’s powered by JavaScript code. This means building your own JavaScript clock it isn’t just a good way of tackling JavaScript coding fundamentals, it’s also a chance to get hands-on with the kind of tasks you’ll be completing day in and day out as a JavaScript professional.

2. Build a JavaScript Tip Calculator

If you have a smartphone and a data plan, you probably use web applications all day long—sometimes without even thinking about it. And when you use those apps, JavaScript is everywhere—from big time multinational web services like Google to those nameless apps we use in our browser to help in a pinch. Tip calculator apps are a perfect example. Whenever I go out to eat and I’m having a hard time calculating the right tip, I’ll fumble with my phone and search for a “tip calculator” on Google. I couldn’t tell you the name or the url of the one I usually end up using, but it’s a simple JavaScript app. So go ahead and take a swing at making your own tip calculator. This calculator on CodePen by Carolyn Hemmings is a perfect example of what you can build with JavaScript and a little bit of HTML and CSS.

3. Build a JavaScript Animated Navigation Toggle

When you build website menus using only HTML and CSS, you’re limited to creating links that move the user from one static page to another—it’s JavaScript that allows for drop down, collapsible, and otherwise animated navigation features when you’re doing web development. Animated navigation toggles are another ubiquitous part of the internet landscape that you’ll be able to crank out for clients and potential employers once you get the hang of the JavaScript programming language. This Codepen example by A. James Liptak shows the kind of dynamic navigation features you’ll have access to once you’ve added JavaScript to your toolkit.

4. Build a JavaScript Map

If you’ve ever used Google Maps to zoom in on a location and change your view mode, you were using features that were built with JavaScript. JavaScript’s ability to create dynamic objects makes it a natural fit for creative interactive maps on websites or in a web app. While you don’t need to aim for recreating Google Maps on your first time out, experimenting with a simpler map project like Sara B’s interactive Codepen map (built using the JavaScript framework jQuery—a collection of JavaScript libraries with pre-written, reusable code) is a solid way to familiarize yourself with JavaScript’s map-making capabilities.

5. Build a JavaScript Game

Not to take anything away from HTML, CSS, and the crucial foundation they form in web development, but JavaScript is the programming language that moves websites from function to fun. And so it’s no surprise that games are on the list of dynamic content that JavaScript can bring to web apps and websites. Creating a simple game as a JavaScript project will give you some necessary practice with JavaScript code, while giving you a finished product that you can use to fight boredom during typing breaks. Martin’s Codepen maze is an example of the kind of games you can build with JavaScript.

6. Build a JavaScript Mouseover Element

Another bit of JavaScript goodness you’ve come to rely on online is the mouseover effect—instances where hovering a mouse over a certain icon or area on a screen produces an action or result from the spot where you’re hovering. Mouseovers are a routine part of JavaScript development, so spending your time on a quick mouseover project is a worthwhile way to spend the afternoon. Roger Van Hout’s Happy Bouncing Balls mouseover on CodePen displays a field of balls resembling the kind you’d get from gum machines as a kid. Hover your mouse over any single sphere and watch it expand.

7. Build a JavaScript Login Authentication

Something as simple as a website’s login authentication bar (the area where you enter your email and password to log in to the site) is another part of JavaScript’s domain. This is an unassuming project that’s a good idea to master, since just about every website has a login authentication feature. Mike Tran’s Codepen authentication bar built using AngularJS (another JavaScript framework) is a clean, to the point example.

8. Build a JavaScript Drawing

JavaScript can be used as a drawing tool, bringing HTML and CSS elements to life on a web browser screen. Being able to make static pages look more appealing with graphical elements is a key part of web development, so learning how to make the most out of JavaScript’s drawing capabilities is critical. Consider trying a drawing project like Narayana’s Infinite Rainbow on CodePen.

9. Build a JavaScript To-Do List

JavaScript is particularly handy for coding interactive lists that let users add, remove, and group items—something you can’t do with HTML and CSS alone. If you’re like me and have great intentions of setting up a to-do list (but never do), now’s your chance. Use your JavaScript chops to whip up a to-do list like the one built by John Fichera on Codepen.

10. Build a JavaScript Quiz

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Whether they’re telling you which career path you’re best suited for, where your political beliefs line up, or testing your knowledge on 1980’s WWF wrestlers, quizzes can be both fun and useful—we even use a quiz here at Skillcrush to help users determine which coding path is a good fit for them. If you’ve taken a quiz online, there’s a good chance some JavaScript code was involved, and now’s your chance to put together quiz of your own. Follow in the footsteps of jksdk4 on CodePen, and see what you can do.

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