Patios for Patriots logo design

Designed this logo for a long time client of mine named Jason Geiser who is a owns a decorative concrete supply business in Dalton, Ohio called Deco-Crete Supply. Visit their website to see the great projects they are working on.

Built this logo for Jason Geiser back in 2007.

I designed this logo for Mike Weber who just happens to be my eye doctor.

Lule Jane Elegant Pet Products

Lule Jane Elegant Pet Products

In 2004. I helped design and launch a brand new division catering to smaller dogs “Lap Dogs” as we lovingly call them. Studies show people spend billions of dollars each year on their pets so we took full advantage of this marketing trend. The dog design was inspired by Doctor Seuss childrens books.

Wooster Iron and Metal Digital Poster 36 x 24

Download the PDF

I designed this poster in 2006 while I was working for WRL Advertising in Canton, Ohio

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