Kind Words

Kind Words from Clients

Sean Roberts

Columbus, OHIO

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Holy shit, this painting is sick af! Your pictures didn’t do it justice at all, it looks amazing! Thanks again homie, I’ll be sure to send people your way if they’re ever looking for some sick custom art


Chicago, IL

“You have an amazing gift. Thanks so much for painting my dog Max. RIP my best friend Max”

Joshua O

Hebron, Ohio

“My wife cried when the Axel painting arrived. Thank you Drew what a blessing. We hung this in our front living room.”

Side note the background was taken while on vacation in Tampa FL. 

Drew Norman

Pittsburgh pA 1991

“ I created this piece while I was in College at Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Our assignment was to create anything we wanted so I created a new Star Wars film. Where Luke turns to the dark side.”

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