View the video walk thru created with Adobe XD showcasing how the Top Slice mobile app will function. This app allows Pizza Fanatics to leave a comment about there favorite pizza place. Features geolocation, social sharing, A tasting rating scale.

Heres the wireframe mockups for the mobile development phase. Tools used for this app include:

  • Adobe XD for prototyping
  • PhoneGap for testing and development
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML5

We will be launching the FLN OnDemand platform this month to all devices. This has been a collaboration by many members of our media team and 3 web developers all lead by Tom Keesee’s vision which was a gift from God.

Check out

This mobile app was built using a great plugin called AppPresser.

The education course was built custom to fit the vision of Pastor Drenda Keesee. Check it out hereĀ

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