• Backup

    Backup existing website (using WP clone plugin)

  • Install and purchase

    Install and purchase new wordpress theme, plugins on the new hosting platform

  • Create staging site

    Create the staging environment and migrate the cloned website from production to staging

  • Production begins

    Once website is on staging all the fun begins. Depending on how many pages there are to migrate estimate 7-10 days.

  • Finalization

    Client looks at the new site and we make revisions to ensure everything is correct and working perfectly.

  • Approval and Launch

    Flipping on the new website change DNS from existing registrar to new hosting

  • Email and MX record changes

    Make sure email account MX records are also updated so email is working on new hosting.

  • Client enablement and training

    I very important step that most agencies dont provide their clients is proper training to be able to use their new software. We provide both video training and face-to-face

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