My most recent web app launch is this custom wordpress theme built to showcase this very talented worship band called Open Heaven. Features a audio player on the albums page so you sample the music. WooCommere integration so you can buy the album on the store. Visit the website

This is a mobile app built in Angular JS using Phone Gap to bridge to ios and Android Devices. The app is for Pizza fans all over the world to chime in and share their favorite Pizza.

Custom e-commerce site built in wordpress. I started working with this client back in 2008. The website has under gone many changes thru the years. The mission of this client is to change the world so my heart was so blessed to be a part of this journey.

180 Recover website features donation and giving custom plugin development
Architecture Design . and custom theme development
Coming soon a video virtual tour
Custom WordPress theme development
My beautiful talented wife Dana Photography website
Custom WordPress theme development
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