About me

Drew NormanDrew Norman’s career path was inspired by George Lucas Star Wars trilogy. ILM’s wonderful special effects as well as the great storytelling inspired me to pursue an art degree. I also had huge encouragement from my mother Sandy Norman who is also a talented artist who later became a elementary school teacher.

One of my greatest take aways from my mom is I have a strong leadership quality and skill to inspire and teach others all the tips and tricks I had learned. Once I saw what the internet technology career looked like I was all hands on board. My first book was a lynda.com book on building web ready graphics. I still have that one on my shelf.

Drews first passion was and still is web design, animation and illustration. He received an associate’s degree in visual communication and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1991, then settled into the graphic design and ad agency industry in 1992. In 2001 to keep up with high demands of the internet boom DNI Creative Solutions was formed. I still continue to take new technology courses on www.lynda.com as well as learn from other developers on stackoverflow, github and slack.

Currently Drew work full-time for IBM as a Front-end Web Developer and Digital Strategist for Watson Supply Chain

May the force be with you…Always