My dream job even to this day is to work at Lucasfilm or a high end digital agency.  George Lucas and his Star Wars movies I watched as a kid made a strong impression on me  and propelled me to go to art school. I graduated art school from Art Institute of Pittsburgh in early 90’s. I got my start as a graphic artist in local printing companies in Northeast Ohio. Then my interest turned toward the internet in late 90’s. I picked up a Lynda book and started to consume everything I could get my hands on about web technology. Then in 2001 I started my own digital agency DNI Creative Solutions LTD. to handle all the massive demand for website construction. I designed primarily Flash music websites and static html sites. First experience with open source technology was with Joomla and Drupal which latest greatest technology to turn out mid scale web sites. Then in 2011 Drupal started to become very popular for creating internal sites that had to have decent amount of security and scalability. I was the first to build a internal sales center web application for Sterling Commerce (who was later purchased by IBM in 2010)

My knowledge of Flash, Actionscript, HTML, CSS, Javascript and CMS like Joomla and Drupal helped land the job at Sterling Commerce in 2008.

I was the lead software architect that built IBM’s first Northstar compliant wordpress theme and designed the branding and style guides to be shared across hundreds of external marketing blogs. I also put together instructional videos and documentation of how to use the themes.

All the blogs were inspired by my business units theme All of these blogs will continue to live on long after I have left the company which is a pretty good feeling. I love what I do for a living. Its a great feeling knowing that the digital applications I  build are fulfilling my customers needs and exceeding their expectations.


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